Salish Sea Run Sets Files

The collection of NEMO namelist, salishsea command processor run description, and NEMO output server control files used to run NEMO for the Salish Sea are maintained in the SS-run-sets repo.

We choose to call these run-set files but they are also referred to as “experiments” in the NEMO community. That term is difficult for the laboratory modelers on the Salish Sea MEOPAR team to apply to computational model runs.

The salishsea command processor run description files are YAML files that are used by our SalishSeaCast NEMO Command Processor tool for managing NEMO runs and results. The Run Description File Structure section describes the file syntax.

The namelist files contain collections of related namelists. They are concatenated to form a complete namelist for a NEMO run by the salishsea prepare Sub-command.

The output server control files is like those found in the EXP00/ directories of the reference configurations in the NEMO-3.4-Code repo.

Getting the Repo

If you use SSH key authentication on Bitbucket you may clone the SS-run-sets repo with:

git clone

For password authentication use:

git clone

Repo Contents

SalishSea/ Directory

the SalishSea directory contains the run-set files for the initial full domain runs:

  • SalishSea.yaml: Sample run description file for use with the SalishSeaCast NEMO Command Processor

  • namelist.bottom: Sample bottom boundary conditions namelists

  • namelist.compute.1core: Sample compute parameters namelists for a single core run (useful for debugging on salish)

  • namelist.compute.4x4: Sample compute parameters namelists for 4x4 MPI domain decomposition (the recommended decomposition for running on salish)

  • namelist.compute.6x14: Sample compute parameters namelists for 6x14 MPI decomposition (the recommended decomposition for running on jasper)

  • namelist.domain: Sample domain configuration nameslists

  • namelist.dynamics: Sample dynamics parameter namelists

  • namelist.lateral: Sample lateral boundary conditions and forcing namelists

  • namelist.surface: Sample surface boundary conditions namelists

  • namelist.time: Sample model time parameters namelists

  • namelist.tracers: Sample tracer quantities configuration namelist

  • iodef.xml: Sample IOM output server definitions

  • xmlio_server.def: IOM output server control settings

JPP/ Directory

The JPP/ directory contains the run-set files for the initial sub-domain test case also known as WCSD_RUN_tide_M2_OW_ON_file_DAMP_ANALY:

  • JPP.yaml

  • namelist