Anaconda Python DistributionΒΆ

The Anaconda Python distribution is the easiest way to install Python and a collection of scientific packages and other tools (Sphinx, Jupyter Notebook, NumPy, matplotlib, to name a few) that we use in the Salish Sea MEOPAR project.

Choose the Python 3 download from the installation instructions for your operating system, follow the rest of those instructions, and accept the option at the end of the installation to make Anaconda your default Python.

If you are installing Anaconda Python on a Waterhole machine, choose the Python 3 Linux 64-bit download. Thanks to the shared storage and user configurations across all of the Waterhole machines and salish each user only needs to do the installation once on a Waterhole machine for the packages to be available on all of those machines. There is no need to install Anaconda on the Westgrid machines.

Start a new shell session and confirm that $HOME/anaconda3/bin/ is on your path.

There is are a few packages that we use extensively that is not included in the base Anaconda installation:

To install them, do:

conda install basemap hdf4 netcdf4 sphinx-rtd-theme xarray

and follow the prompts. Then do:

python3 -m pip install nbsphinx