Stability: Evaluation of Velocities

Are the velocities in the model similar to those in the field. For field velocities, we will use ADCP data from VENUS at the two Strait of Georgia Stations: East and Central. East is at 49o2.531N, 123o19.055’W which is close to python grid points [416,282]. Central is at 49o2.4083N, 123o25.5287W which is close to python grid points [424,267]


To do this, we ran the model for Oct 18, 2002 and output average 1-hr velocities throughout the day. Of course, VENUS was not running in 2002. We found a similar day (slightly higher amplitudes at Point Atkinson) in Oct 15, 2013. Note that there is a shift of 0.05 days between the two for best match. These tidal predictions are downloaded from: Integrated Science Data Management.


Model velocities at these two points at various depths are given in the following two plots.


Actual ACDP velocities (for Oct 15, 2013) are stronger by 20-40%.