SMELT Sensitivity Analysis: Parameter Notebooks

Parameter notebooks are used to take an in depth look at how that parameter affects model results. They compare how tracer values evolve over time differently based on the value of the parameter.

Three main types of plots are used in these notebooks:

Heatmap of tracer concentration against depth and time for a particular parameter value

Heatmap of the difference between tracer concentrations for two different runs against depth and time

Facetplot showing tracer concentration vs. time at certain depths, with a coloured line for each of the six parameter values

This is an example notebook for the parameter nampisrem_zz_remin_d_pon. This parameter controls the rate at which particulate organic nitrogen becomes dissolved organic nitrogen.

A notebook was automatically created for every parameter using this python script. Some of these notebooks have been uploaded to Bitbucket, and all of them can be found on the local filesystem at /ocean/jpetrie/MEOPAR/analysis-james/notebooks/.