CPP Keys

CPP keys used in C Pre-Processor directives in the source code that cause sections of code to be included/excluded from NEMO at the compile stage.

Keys Common to AMM12 and CONCEPTS 110

  • key_mpp_mpi Use multiprocessors

  • key_vvl Use variable volume coordinates. This means a nonlinear free surface.

  • key_ldfslp Computes direction of lateral mixing.

Keys in AMM12 that we need/want

  • key_bdy Use the unstructured open boundary conditions. We need these ones because they include tides. This replaces key_obc_mer the mercator open boundary conditions in CONCEPTS 110

  • key_vectopt_loop Enables vector optimization. Good idea!

  • key_netcdf_4 Gives us chunking etc.

Keys in CONCEPTS 110 that we need/want

  • key_diaharm calculate amplitude and phase of tidal components

  • key_tide Required in addition to key_diaharm to enable calculation of amplitude and phase of tidal components. Also causes code for tidal potential to be included in the model and we are excluding that effect, so it is important to set ln_tide_pot to .false. in the nam_tide namelist.


  • AMM12 uses key_dynspg_ts Time splitting free surface. CONCEPTS 110 uses key_dynspg_ts2. We my need to return here.

  • Turbulence scheme. CONCEPTS uses key_zdftke. AMM12 uses key_zdfgls. Start with tke and consider later.

  • AMM12 uses key_diainstant which gives instantaneous fields rather than averages.

  • CONCEPTS uses key_dtatem/key_dtasal Read climatology initial temperature and salinity fields. Might be the best way to put in initial profile.

  • key_flx_core Use short/long wave radiation forcing. Need to return to this issue later.

  • Start with key_traldf_c2d horizontal eddy mixing of tracers from CONCEPTS

  • Start with key_dynldf_c3d 3-dimensional mixing of momentum from CONCEPTS

CONCEPTS 110 that we don’t want

  • key-tide Use tide potential. Not likely important in such a small domain.

  • key_zrefsurf Use surface parameter set by Mercator

  • key_dtatem_month/key_dtasal_month Read one time frame initial and temperature and salinity fields. Use with key_dtatem/key_dtasal.